The Den of the Bear

Welcome to the Bear’s den. I put things I like in my den so when I wake up from hibernation, I can immediately find all my stuff. Maybe it works that way for you too?

Websites I use:

Piktochart is a great way to generate nice infographics. The free version is totally adequate for all of my needs so far, but I might consider upgrading at some point.

Pexels and StockSnap are sites that search through public domain image databases. I like them for finding stock photos that I know I can ethically use.

On a similar note, CC Search lets you search for creative commons images quickly and easily.

Kahoot! is an awesome method for creating friendly competition in the classroom. I use it for anticipatory sets, quiz review, and any time I want to remind my students that it is OK to have fun in the classroom.

Gratisography is not particularly useful for content, but the pictures are super interesting. They are conversation starters, for sure.

The CIA World Factbook is extremely useful for getting detailed information about the demographics, government, and economy of different nations around the world. I use this to help get some context when studying different countries.