The History of “The 13 Original Colonies” in 60(ish) seconds

Last week, I put together a 60(ish) second video on the history of colonization in the western hemisphere, with a bit of an emphasis on North America. I did it primarily to use in class and to demo a process my students will be employing themselves, but I also did it for me, as a creative outlet.


It was fun, but it was hard. Like I said in a previous post, it took me 31 takes to get it right, and even then, I am not particularly happy with my performance. I struggled a bit with the video editing programs at my disposal, and I was not wholly satisfied by the final result.

But it was fun.

So I decided to make another, and try and streamline my creative process a bit more. Make things smoother, easier on myself and my video crew (read: my wife). I practiced more before setting up the camera. I was more consistent in how I edited my footage. I made a new title sequence. And you know what? It worked. The results are something I am proud of, and the process was night and day from the frustrations of last week.

I do plan to continue making more of these little videos. There isn’t anything quite like them out there that I could find, and it is nice to be filling a niche that way. Hit me up with suggestions of future topics! I want to do lots of different kinds of things, from broad ideas, like “The History of WWII in 60(ish) Seconds,” to more specific things, likt “the History of the Battle of the Buldge in 60(ish) Seconds.” And don’t limit yourselves just to US History. I want to learn, and help teach history from all over the world, from every time period.

Let me know any future ideas in the comments below!


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