A Boy and His Mandolin

A few weeks ago, my wife got me a mandolin for my birthday. I already play guitar and it has been a longtime dream of mine to expand to another stringed instrument. It was definitely a tossup between the mandolin and the banjo, but in the end, the mandolin won out.

I really enjoy this little instrument.

I am already considering how I could use it in class. Because it is so small, it would be easy to pick it up and play a few chords to get the student’s attention. That would be a pretty interesting alternative to calling “Can I get your attention please?”

I will have to keep thinking about it.

In the meantime, here is a little ditty I put together in the week I have been playing this instrument. Enjoy!



2 responses to “A Boy and His Mandolin

  1. Dude! My wife also got me a mandolin for my birthday (but this was last year, a bit after I would have seen you). I’m loving it too. Have you been listening to any mandolin players? I’m a HUGE Chris Thile fan.

    Love the ditty!


    • Dane has been trying to get me to listen to him for years but I only just started paying attention. He is really amazing, but also super intimidating.


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