As mentioned in the About page, I am a potter in addition to being a teacher. Currently, those two pursuits are separate, though I hope some day to be able to combine them.

I thought it would be cool to show my readers here a little of my art, since that is a pretty big part of who I am as a person. Let’s start with how I got into pottery in the first place.

It began, as do so many stories, with a girl. Well, not a girl exactly. She is my wife, after all; a strong, independent woman. When we met, we were both in college, me going for a degree in history, and she… in art. Specifically in Ceramic art. Perhaps understandably, I wanted to do something–anything–with her. And thus began the obsession.

That was three years ago, and since then I have spent countless hours in the ceramics studio, refining what the art I have come to love so much. Under the tutelage of professors at George Fox (Mark Terry and Don Sprague), as well as other local potters (Burk Klieber), I learned to make mugs, bowls, teapots, and more.

At the moment, my wife and I are between studio spaces. Hopefully, that will change this summer. I can’t wait to start making pottery again!

Here is a POV shot of me throwing last summer.

Here is a mug I call the “mini-tankard.” It is glazed in a beautiful copper green.


This mug is glazed in a classic blue, perfect for a nice chai latte.


This is a jar form I have been experimenting with. I throw a thick cylinder, then use my wire cutting tool to slice facets away from the sides, finally spinning the pot back up to speed and pushing the base of the cylinder out with my finger tips.


My wife made this mug, but I glazed it. Pretty, no?



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